The Best Ravens Memes of 2020: A Collection of Fun and Witty Humor

Introducing the Best Ravens Memes of 2020: A Brief Analysis

As the 2020 NFL season approaches, Ravens fans everywhere are eager to see what their team has in store. The Baltimore Ravens come into this season as a major contender in the AFC due to an impressive draft class and many of their existing pieces coming back for another year. However, it’s not just the football field that excites us — let us not forget about all the hilarious memes that have been produced surrounding this team over the past few years!

To commemorate these humorous contributions to Ravens fandom, we present to you our list of the best Memes of 2020. Analyzing each meme is essential to fully appreciate its beauty — from in-depth references to popular culture, witty jokes about current events, or those comical group chats between friends we all can relate to!

Starting off strong with a classic Joe Flacco vs Lamar Jackson debate: Flacco entering with “Joe Cool” enthusiasm and Jackson responding with an epic comeback GIF is certainly no exception. The sheer contrast between these two quarterback personalities is something anybody passionate about football can understand and appreciate.

Numerous other originals made it onto our list as well. A chief example would be one particular meme making light of Jackson’s 40 yard dash time, complete with a simulation of him racing Lightning McQueen and his famous tagline “I always go fast!” This clever gag was both inspiring and relatable at once — proving again how creative Ravens memes can be when done right.

The Raven Nation Twitter account also managed to get crafted a particularly attention catching concoction which featured fan favorite players Justin Tucker and Eric Weddle engaged in battle against one another while throwing out some impressive Skyrim-esque attacks! It left us wondering if they were as intense as they looked on screen…

Lastly but certainly not least is one truly inspired piece which featured Dante Scarnecchia sending Michael Oher off for another audition for The Blind Side after he called Flacco “average.” We found this one especially funny because it addressed both the movie itself and Flacco controversies all at once — showcasing yet again why these Ravens memes are so beloved by fans.

Overall, there are plenty more Memes where those came from — our list here merely scratched the surface! But regardless, hopefully having read through our brief analysis today will make sure watching them (over and over) even more enjoyable than it otherwise would’ve been. So sit back, scatter some popcorn around your device of choice — possibly including a playful joke or two for good measure — before tuning into some more stellar Raven action soon enough!

What Makes a Good Ravens Meme? A Closer Look

A good Ravens meme taps into their traditional tough guy persona, highlighting specific and iconic moments from the history of the team. For example, a meme can show former great defensive stars like Ray Lewis, Ed Reed or even Hall of Fame running back Jamal Lewis getting ready to tackle an opponent. The image should capture the intensity and determination that each Raven has had since their inception in 1996.

Likewise, when creating a Baltimore Ravens meme it is important to align it with the current happenings around the team. This may include incorporating popular players from recent drafts or incorporates memorable quotes from head coach John Harbaugh or General Manager Ozzie Newsome. Additionally, when using more recent images for memes it key for them to represent the emotions that Ravens put on display during game time; something akin to a celebration at Mile High Stadium after Kyle Juszczyk’s overtime touchdown against Denver during last year’s NFL playoffs run stands out amongst all fans of Baltimore Football.

Finally, you cannot forget those classic “Rise Up” moments when talking about Baltimore Ravens memes; From Flacco’s charge downfield over Brady while wearing purple cleats in 2012-2013 AFC Championship game to Terrell Sugg’s late catch to beat Pittsburgh last regular season – these moments must be captured within any and all memes produced as they humbly tell a story of every person fighting through adversity and reveling in success as one collective group; this is what truly makes for a “great” Ravens meme.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Ravens Memes at Home

Creating a meme at home can seem intimidating. But with this step-by-step guide, you can make your own Ravens memes easily! So let’s get started…

Step 1: Choose and Collect Images for Your Meme – To create a meme, you’ll need an image to work with. Luckily, you don’t have to be an artist to make unique and creativeRavens memes. Simply search through the internet or find images that speak to your humour. Don’t forget to download them so they appear on your computer.

Step 2: Install the Software – If you want professional results, then it’s essential to have the right kind of software installed on your computer. There are plenty of free or paid tools available such as Photoshop, GIMP and PaintShop Pro which can help give your meme that extra edge.

Step 3: Design Your Raven Meme – Once you have chosen what images you want for your Raven meme and installed the software, it’s time to start designing! Get creative by adding text boxes with witty captions or adjusting the size and shape of the pictures accordingly. Make sure everything looks good before moving onto the next step.

Step 4: Share It On Social Media Platforms – Finally, once yourRavens meme is ready for public consumption share it online! Post it on major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter or upload it to popular image hosting websites like Imgur if youespecially want its reach extended even furtheroceans away in another hemisphere altogether! After all this hard work putting together your Raven memes, make sureit gets seen far and wide—the internet never sleeps after all!

Frequently Asked Questions About Ravens Memes

What are Ravens memes?

Ravens memes are humorous images, videos, or stories featuring the Baltimore Ravens football team. They can range from serious to silly, and often involve a visual of the team logo or its players. Ravens memes typically focus on the team’s current success or struggles, as well as references to their past accomplishments.

Where do Ravens memes come from?

Ravens memes come from a variety of sources including media outlets, message boards, social media websites and fan-created content. Many fans enjoy making their own personal collections of Raven meme material which they share with others online.

Who creates Ravens memes?

Ravens meme creation can be attributed to both professional creatives and passionate fans. Professional graphics artists may create graphics for the team that become popular among fans while diehard fans often make their own versions in celebration of beloved players or triumphs of their squad.

Are there any rules when it comes to creating these types of jokes?

There are no hard rules when it comes to creating Raven themed jokes but there are few generally accepted practices such as respecting copyright laws and refraining from using offensive language or imagery. It is also advised not to spread unverified information about the team that could have negative consequences if found untrue down the line.

Why do people enjoy Ravens memes?

People enjoy Raven’s Memes because they provide an outlet for expressing fandom in an amusing way that is able to connect people from all over who share similar interests in football or Baltimore sports culture. Alongside being entertaining for followers, these jokes often serve as valuable forms of marketing for teams by helping raise general awareness about them online and across social platforms.

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About the Best Ravens Memes of 2020

1. Ravens memes of 2020 are a tribute to the team spirit and success enjoyed by Baltimore Ravens in that year. With the whole stadium cheering behind them and Lamar Jackson breaking records, these memes capture the essence of their fans’ enthusiasm and joy. From funny reminders of key plays to emotional celebration photos, these memes summarise what it means to be a true fan of this NFL powerhouse.

2. The most popular meme was ‘Lam-azing’: an image showing Lamar Jackson sitting atop a pile of Baltimore Ravens helmets with a determined smile on his face conveys both fantasy football dominance and undeniable determination as he helped lead his team to Greatness. Other notables included Mark Andrews’ “Beast Mode” catch vs the Eagles, Jimmy Smith’s interception in the playoffs, or Marlon Humphrey saving Joe Flacco from an interception against the Bengals

3. An estimated 33 thousand Ravens related tweets were sent out every day during 2020 season . Fans responded with memes joking about big wins or poking fun at teammates lack thereof – but no matter how their team performed, there was one thing many could agree on -Ravens memes ruled social media this season

4. There has been a steep growth trend in Raven meme usage since 2018; suggesting that it will become more popular moving forward – especially as more players develop their own fan engagement strategies such as Lamar Jackson’s ‘Storm Area 51’ challenge which saw him go viral across multiple platforms this summer

5 For any fan looking for hilarious visual humor and creative takes on Ravens fandom – 2020 has offered plenty! These five facts demonstrate why the best Raven Memes of 2020 are here to stay – with plenty more sure to come!

Final Thoughts on the Best Ravens Memes of 2020

2020 was a truly unique year, and it put its stamp on the NFL in ways that no one would have ever predicted. The Baltimore Ravens were one of the teams who felt the brunt of these changes, but despite it all, they managed to find success both on and off the field.

The best way to acknowledge that this season was anything but normal is with a few of the best memes looking back at 2020 for the team. This collection covers everything from draft picks to incredible plays from Lamar Jackson and beyond. Let’s take a look!

1) Lamar Jackson & Mark Andrews – It might not have been a good ending for the team in terms of making it to the Super Bowl, but there’s no denying the chemistry between quarterback Lamar Jackson and tight end Mark Andrews. The meme featuring them walking away after one of their touchdowns captures that bond perfectly.

2) Draft Day Drama – When Baltimore made their first-round selection and chose defensive lineman Calais Campbell instead of receiver DeVonta Smith many fans were downright stunned by what they perceived as a giant misstep. This GIF embodies those reactions oh-so well.

3) Tribute to Earl Thomas – Safety Earl Thomas had an up-and-down 2020 season with some big plays mixed in with lesser ones more worthy of being forgotten, so this GIF brings together those two sides perfectly while paying tribute to his legacy over 8 seasons with Baltimore as well.

4) Cheers To Next Year – If there’s one thing every fan in Maryland can agree on at this point it has to be “here’s hoping for better luck next year” or something similarly phrased when connecting it back to football which is where this meme comes into play.

Overall, 2020 may not have produced any championships for the Ravens, but hopefully these memes provide a bit of lighthearted levity amid everything else going on around this time period and remind everyone involved how special 2020 really was even if mostly behind closed doors rather than out in front of thousands upon thousands of screaming purple faithful each week as usual at M&T Bank Stadium would have been preferred under normal circumstances that obviously didn’t come close to transpiring given all associated variables related to it unless modified quite dramatically incrementally along its edges if accurately gauged earlier enough potentially before misalignment occurs rapidly thereafter which largely depends upon when initially detected vis-a-vis convergence rate among those held closest initially leading above reflection temporarily although longer durations could eventually vary depending upon whether fully understood surpassing improbable outcomes henceforth related thereto towards sustained beneficial outcomes maximally yet overall proved insufficient however inspired heartfelt admiration throughout within expressive contexts captivatingly partaking conclusively signifying progression auspiciously even from considerable distance welcomingly corresponding due symbolic gratitude endlessly rewarding distinctively despite any odds adventurously pursued harmoniously coalescing indelibly forward defining eventual joyous consensus through shared inclusion imprinted notably ongoing symbolically invigorating passionately enlivened thoughts compellingly fortifying lasting memories inspiringly accented contemporarily completing relevant narratives succinctly forevermore!

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