Finding 49ers gear

By Whitney Clark/
MEDFORD, Ore. — For the first time in 18 years, the San Francisco 49ers are heading to the super bowl.. For the Pearson family, it means heading to the Rogue Valley Mall. Ethan, 7, is picking out his first jersey – a family tradition.
I have four brothers and they all support the 49ers, said Katherine Pearson. So I think I would get axed out of the family if i went anywhere else. But we love the 49ers, and we’re so happy they’re going to the Super Bowl.
She’s not the only one. At Just Sports in Medford employees say they get up to 60 calls a day. Fans are cooking for everything from 49ers baby booties to water shoes. Employee Paul Deller says it’s one of the only stores in the Rogue Valley where 49ers fans hand over their plastic — with a smile. Dellers says it’s a regionally owned store, and is not owned by a corporation so they carry more gear. Regionally we can order it because we’re close enough to San Francisco, Deller said. But if you’re not down in California, a lot of big corporate stores only get Seahawks around here.
On Monday the store had virtually nothing, with less than a dozen scarlet and gold jerseys.
Deller says the most popular player is former University of Oregon Duck LaMichael James.
We sold it out first — period, Deller said. Any Ducks are going to go faster.
The store is expecting to get in more championship gear on Wednesday. Deller says they should be getting around 75 jerseys.

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  1. miguel perez on February 19, 2020 at 7:10 pm

    My uncle buying things was made by san Francisco 49ers but in Bakersfield CA I got a lots of many stuff made by san Francisco 49ers thank you

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