Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing the Los Angeles Rams Logo

Introduction: Overview of the Los Angeles Rams Logo

The Los Angeles Rams logo is a testament to the team’s long, rich history in both the National Football League and southern California. After originally being established as the Cleveland Rams in 1936, the franchise relocated to Los Angeles 11 years later, where it has remained ever since. The iconic Ram logo that is instantly recognizable by NFL fans across the country was first introduced in 1948 when the team rebranded from its initial blue & white design. As one might expect from a 90 year-old organization at the top of professional sports, the Rams logo has undergone several stylistic changes over time, most recently receiving an update for 2020 in honor of their 80th season operating in LA.

At its core, every version of their primary logo features two rams horns arranged horizontally around a blue field with “Los Angeles” and “Rams” spelled out atop varying color backgrounds or within rounded rectangular frames. In each iteration you can see some homage to historical designs while also recognizing elements adapted to fit modern times. For example, although creative license was taken with details such as size and script font, all present logos have borne resemblance to what was worn on players’ helmets back beginning in 1957: A White Roman Numeral “XII” set against a navy circle on either side of two affixed Rams’ horns – proclaiming it symbolic for twelve men working together for one cause (just like real life rams).

More recently however, their logo refresh consists mainly of smoothed edges and updated colors; featuring curved yellow lines–rather than straight ones–surrounding navy blocks that house silver lettering spelling out “LA” and “Rams”. According to Laundry Service Creative Director Ruben Soto who spearheaded this project: “By using a classic layout that stands apart, we created recognition through subtle modifications so that when people look at them they know it’s unmistakably the Rams.” And thus, we see how tradition is lovingly described even as it evolves over time with viewers young and old alike feeling an undeniable sense of nostalgia through still familiar shapes and typography which encourages fandom throughout all generations.

Step by Step Guide to Drawing the Los Angeles Rams Logo

The Los Angeles Rams are one of the oldest teams in professional football, having been around since 1937. Representing the city of angels, the Rams have a storied history as one of the premier teams in the NFL. Of course, an important part of being a diehard fan is having an understanding and appreciation for the team’s logo. If you’re looking to draw your own version of this iconic emblem, then look no further than this easy step-by-step guide.

To start off drawing your own Los Angeles Rams symbol, begin by sketching out two circles that overlap slightly at the center. In between these two circles, create two lines which will help define each individual circle within one another—think about it like a seed inside its pod. Now detail these circles by adding two triangular flaps on either side of each inner circle and make sure that their intersection occurs mid-way across each line you’ve drawn from before.

Next, focus on properly representing some major elements to get your LA Rams logo close to completion such as detailing an iconic horned ram head onto your middle portion with a front facing orientation—be sure to add ears if they haven’t been included yet! Last but certainly not least we can add text along an elliptical arch above and alongside each ram sketch outlining “LOS ANGELES RAMS” in all capital letters separated by commas using bold strokes during your lettering design style choice! Finally finish off by erasing any unnecessary guidelines in order to obtain clean edges while leaving behind only smooth curves throughout all sections of our masterpiece! Our Los Angeles Ram visualization is now complete!

Q. What materials do I need to draw the Rams logo?

A. You will need a few basic art supplies to draw the Rams logo, including pencils, paper or poster board, an eraser, and markers or colored pencils. It may also be helpful to have a ruler or straightedge to help keep your lines straight and even.

Q. How should I start drawing the Rams logo?

A. Start by sketching the basic shape of the logo with pencil first, using light lines that you can later erase or adjust if needed. Focus on getting the overall proportions of the shape close enough before moving on to adding details like color and shading later.

Q. Is there an easy way to make sure my image looks like the actual Rams logo?

A. Yes! If having trouble with proportions while drawing free-hand try printing out an outline of the Rams Logo onto tracing paper and retracing it onto your canvas for more accuracy when creating your drawing.

Q. What type of ink should I use for coloring in my final design?

A. You can use any kind of coloring material that works best for you–markers, colored pencils, watercolors etc.–with a few tips in mind regarding its application: applying pressure too heavily can cause streaks or smudges in lighter colors; layering several different thicknesses of markers is a great way to create interesting texture in darker shades; and practice slowing down when coloring for better control when using markers or colored pencils

Top Five Facts About the Los Angeles Rams Logo Design

The Los Angeles Rams logo is an iconic emblem that fans have been expecting to see for a long time. With the team now back in L.A., it’s important to know a few of the key facts about its design history. Here are five facts you may not know about the Los Angeles Rams logo:

1) The Logo Features Roman numerals: The Roman numeral “LII” is front and center on the logo, signifying the team’s 52nd season of play. As such, this will be the primary logo used during this iteration of the Rams’ stay in Los Angeles.

2) There Are Two Mascots Showcased In The Design: Two cartoon-like figures flank either side of the Roman numeral “LII” as they smile with confidence while holding a football between them in their hands; offering a further insight into how passionate California fans are about their team.

3) It Was Crafted By Local Designers: LA-based branding agency Saunders & Roe designed and crafted shapes out of geometry to form metallic gold arcs representing horns around the mascot characters on either side of Roman Numeral “LII”.

4) Colors Were Used To Showcase Optimism And Confidence: Metallic Gold, White and Navy Blue were used by designers to represent optimism, excitement and winning traditions also associated with Ramspersonality depicted through strong character shading effects like shadows and raised facial expressions which give added dimensionality to both mascots.

5) Visual Style Incorporates Jagged Geometric Angles To Represent Vibrant Energy Levels: The Los Angeles Rams logo maintains its distinctively fresh look accentuated with jagged geometric angles radiating throughout which are symbolic representations of vibrant energy levels surrounding this new rebranding transition experience for fans; giving them even more reason to cheer!

Challenges and Considerations When Drawing a Rams Logo

Drawing a logo for the Los Angeles Rams, or any professional sports team for that matter, can be a daunting task. As a logo designer it is important to keep in mind several key challenges and considerations when crafting such an iconic symbol for one of the world’s most popular sports franchises.

One of the primary considerations when designing a Rams logo is its association with the area and city from which it draws its name. Due to this, logos need to incorporate design elements that capture the spirit and feel of something uniquely “Los Angeles” while also maintaining classic components like horns, color schemes, etc. related to the franchise’s roots and traditions. This can prove difficult as modern logos need to encapsulate this combination of “old meets new” mentality associated with today’s teams. Incorporating designs that draw inspiration from Hollywood as well as other local landmarks can help provide this unique balance between old-school aura with current day technology culture of Los Angeles.

Another major challenge when designing a Rams logo is providing cohesion between all aspects of it – meaning having consistency between how the logo looks when shown on physical items like uniforms and apparel vs how it appears digitally (i.e., website, mobile app). Determining what color scheme works best across various mediums such as screen resolution vs printed material can be crucial in creating an aesthetically pleasing piece branding wise. In addition, issues surrounding scalability should also be considered; meaning making sure no matter where your NFL logo appears (even if incredibly small) there are no quality deteriorations in terms of detail or clarity loss which will inevitably detract from presentation value.

In general overall though these challenges deal more so with taking into account peripheral elements related to implementing various technologies specific processes than actually elevating executing intelligent creative ideas themselves concerning drawing up ideal Rams logos at their core themselves – which ultimately remains extremely important regardless if deep level digital integrations must take place or not later on down line production chains vis-a-vis postmodification edits!

The Rams logo is an iconic part of the team’s history and has come to symbolize athleticism, strength, and durability. Drawing a Rams logo can be a challenge—but with the right research and guidance, you can create a professional-looking design that truly captures its essence.

There are several fundamental elements to consider when designing your own Rams logo. First, begin by studying the existing Rams logos in order to understand their core design principles. Pay special attention to how lines interact with each other as well as shapes that make up the major components of the logo. Then analyze their overall composition: scale relationships between each element and how white space impacts design integrity. These considerations are key for accurately depicting the personality of this emblematic emblem.

Color is especially important for many sports logos—especially those pertaining to Los Angeles teams! To achieve an official look, select only PMS colors provided by the NFL or refer to pictures from media sites (e.g., ESPN). When combined with a two-dimensional adaptation of these hues and values, you will create a logo that evokes ferocity of spirit; one which captures glitz & glamour of Tinseltown at its most defining moments!

Finally, remember it’s ok to go beyond stock artwork when necessary – think custom illustrations or font treatments! Remembering certain motifs consistent within the brand such as bold lettering or stylized horns can help provide graphic cohesion across multiple platforms/applications while at times avoiding copyright infringements. By paying attention to detail throughout your process—from concept to execution—you will effortlessly communicate “Los Angeles Football”—giving rise an enduring legendary mark that carries with it decades worth of pride & history!

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