Jacksonville Jaguars 2020 Team preview

In this video, I talk about the 2020 Jacksonville Jaguars. I break down the team piece by piece. I talk about the head coach, Doug Marrone and Offensive Coordinator Jay Gruden. I talk about players, Gardner Minshew, D.J Chark, Lenoard Fournette, Aaron Lynch. I show you, last years team rankings and how they can improve. I show you, the Jaguars offensive and defensive depth charts.

I look at the Jaguars 2020 schedule. I give you my prediction on their record and we also look at the salary cap for the Jaguars now and in the future.

These are my opinion, like i said I don’t usually have popular opinions and people will want to argue with me about it. I embrace the difference of opinions and welcome you guys to hit me up on my Instagram @joemorleysports.

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