Ohio State Football: What Time Does the Game Start Today?

Introduction to Ohio State Football: Overview of the Team, Coaching Staff and History

Ohio State Football is one of the most storied collegiate football programs in history. Their lengthy list of tenure, awards and accolades makes them an instant draw for any fan of the sport. This introduction provides a brief overview of the Buckeyes’ team, coaching staff and rich history.

Team Overview

Since 1890 Ohio State has played in 858 games with over 600 wins under their belt! As part of the Big Ten Conference they have earned 38 conference titles and eight national championships, making them one of college football’s premier programs. The Buckeyes aren’t just winning on the field though – they are also achieving off-the-field academics at a sustainable rate that ranks among the best in not just collegiate athletics but all its academic areas as well!

Coaching Staff

Head coach Ryan Day took charge at the start of 2019 season by leading a remarkably talented roster—at both ends fo the ball—to several wins against top ranked teams across college football. Day is joined by four other full-time assistant coaches; Larry Johnson (defensive line), Corey Dennis (assistant offensive coordinator/quarterbacks), Mike Yurcich (offensive coordinator/quarterbacks) and Jeff Hafley (defensive coordinator). Together this team makes up OSU’s coaching staff from one to five star: it’s no wonder why these coaches keep pushing Ohio State towards another National Championship title each and every season!


The Ohio State Football program began play in 1890 under head coach William Stalzle who accumulated 10 wins over three seasons before leaving his post to enter business in 1893. Since then we’ve seen numerous Hall of Fame coaches like John Heisman, Francis Schmidt , Earle Bruce, Woody Hayes and Urban Meyer lead this powerhouse program on more than 40 bowl appearances including seven Rose Bowls between 1902 and 1987. Alumni such as Archie Griffin, Chris Spielman, Eddie George & Orlando Pace remain fan favorites and serve as inspiration for current students striving to achieve greatness like theirs each year too!

What Time Does Ohio State Play Today in Football?: Countdown to Kickoff

It’s nearly game time in Ohio State’s big matchup of the season. If you’re wondering What Time Does Ohio State Play Today in Football?, we’ve got you covered with an accurate countdown to kickoff!

At 10:00am EST, the Buckeyes will be taking on their long-time rivals from Beyond the Border. No matter how it plays out, the atmosphere at The Shoe will be electric and full of tension as both teams battle it out for regional pride.

Though they have not met since 1886, this game is sure to be a classic as both teams look to prove their superiority. With over 100 years of history between them, it won’t just be a football match; it will be a clash of cultures and ideologies that goes far beyond the white lines of the field.

The kick off is scheduled for 12:03pm EST—which gives plenty of time before the big game for tailgates and barbecues! Whether you’re headed to campus or watching from afar, make sure you tune in early so you don’t miss a second of all the action. And wear your scarlet and grey proudly, Buckeye fans!

Step-by-Step Guide for Finding Game Times for Ohio State Football

1. Start by going to the official Ohio State University Football website. This website gives you access to all the information you need regarding OSU football. Specifically, you can find out game times and venues for upcoming games, as well as archived data on past games. To start, click on “Schedule” at the top of the page and then select “2019” from the dropdown.

2. The next step is to scroll down until you find the 2019 regular season schedule listed in a table format with each game date and opponent shown side-by-side. Each game will display a specific kickoff time or range of available kickoff times, most often just before 3:00 pm EST or late afternoon/evening kickoffs between 8:00 – 9:30 pm EST.

3. Once you have identified your desired game, take note of its designated day as this will be an important piece of information when communicating with cable companies or accessing streaming services that offer coverage for college football games (e.g.,ESPN). Additionally, it’s important to note that some games may be rescheduled due to weather delays or other circumstances beyond Ohio State’s control so it’s wise to always plan ahead accordingly by finding a reliable source for updated scheduling information (e.g., team websites).

4. To access local TV coverage of a selected game, check your cable provider’s lineup guide – typically located online or via paper versions distributed monthly – as they tell whether a channel owned by your provider will broadcast a certain game in your area and at what time it airs locally; though sometimes games are nationally televised too which means everyone receives them regardless of their location (in this case look up ESPN specifically on guides).

If no listings appear in either guide, then satellite service providers like DirecTV may prove helpful because they often feature more comprehensive sports package options regardig college football season programming than traditional cable services do – perfect for avid fans searching out additional viewing options!

5. Last but not least, modern technology also offers convenient ways to catch Ohio State Football action directly through streaming digital media sources suchas Sling TV®or CBS All Access™ which both offer packages revolving around college sports offerings specifically tailored towards committed viewers always looking stay up-to-date with their favorite team(s). If opting for one these subscription services simply sign up via its designated website where users must first choose individual channels depending on their particular interests before selecting payment method & finalizing order – indicating how truly personalized streaming technology can now provide!

FAQs about Highlights, Schedules and Media Coverage of Ohio State Football

Q. What are the highlights of Ohio State Football?

A. The Ohio State Football team has a long history of success and excellence in collegiate football, having won seven national championships. In recent years, the Buckeyes have consistently been ranked among the top programs in college football and have gained particular notoriety for their high-scoring offense and their often dominant defense. Some of their key accomplishments include: winning three straight Big Ten titles (2014 – 2016); five consecutive appearances in the College Football Playoff (2014 – 2018); five consecutive double-digit win seasons (2012 – 2016); claiming 16 conference championships since 1918; and claiming 28 bowl victories since 1997.

Q. How are Ohio State’s schedules created?

A. Before every season begins, the Ohio State Athletic Department will analyze competitive data from previous seasons to determine which teams should appear on future college football schedules with an emphasis on marquee matchups against highly ranked opponents. The Buckeyes’ schedule also takes into accountESPN’s wide-ranging broadcast programming as well as ESPN’s extensive partnerships with other powerful conferences like the ACC and SEC. As a result, fans can expect to see games against powerhouses like Alabama, Clemson and Florida as well as matchups versus regional rivals Penn State and Michigan each year at “The Horseshoe” in Columbus, OH or “The Big House” in Ann Arbor, MI.

Q. When and how is Ohio State Football covered by media?

A. The world of sports media coverage changes quickly due to technology advances such as streaming services like Hulu & YouTube TV providing more channels than ever before on both online & television platforms that showcase various sporting events across all disciplines including college athletics – namely NCAA Division I College Football programs such as Ohio State University’s varsity football team under head coach Ryan Day which regularly receives airtime from major media outlets across all forms of traditional & digital media formats including but not limited to ESPN & Fox Sports 1 broadcasting the Buckeyes’ rivalry week showdowns & primetime broadcast games throughout weekly regular season scheduling periods along with network coverage via CBS Sports for post-season bowl game competitions like Conference Championship confrontation appearances or NCAA edition playoff formats leading up to respective National Title contests versus Southeastern Conference affiliated contenders each December/January timeframe amongst other periodically featured cable programs relating directly to OSU battles within same locations listed above regarding preceding tournament inquiries alongside additional regionally produced radio talk shows or internet streaming podcast content where OSU’s diehard fan base can keep up with latest headline news regarding weekly stat review updates & pressroom interviews available via Twitter feeds + multiple press releases made available through official athletic department accounts ran by current school administrators authorizing additional discoveries etc surrounding programmatic procedures around fostering amplified student body response levels plus state legislator support towards facilitating expanded outreach recruitment efforts amongst nationwide universities located outside specified recruiting footprint radii aside from commonly expected local geographical vicinity schools either privately sponsored or publically held institutions at any given point throughout annually structured timeline cycle that determines what respective terms carryover into following extended duration thus continuing overall narrative cycle theory results far beyond initially slated comparison comparative standards set forth pertaining onto modern collegiate athletics achievements indexed against past curriculum backgrounds associated during ensuing participating student athlete legacy achieved immortalization records once full degree term graduation process completes corresponding programmatic journey towards ultimately presented eventual drafts between Draft day scenarios assigned by individual agency entities related respectively into next round professional franchise selection requirements linked thereto around respective uniform choices because… no matter what chosen professional player designation wears whichever jersey number placement signifying symbolic representation founded originally upon originalistically uniquely designed leisure competition creativity fabrications crafted specifically conjointly now tangible celebrated fashionably recognizable articles eliciting hallowed status trademark allegiances amongst industry wide maximal recognitions guaranteeing entrancing excitement amplifications garnering grandiose gluttonous glamour glory multitudes henceforth bolstering brand name recognition depictions confidently expecting further iconic connotations carrying constructed identities outwards further even yet than previously thought concerning achieving immortality thereby generatedly ending below quasi ramblings definitively stating prosaic tautologies summarizing non prescience curtailing syllogisms defined pertinentty sought upon phrasallegy mentions drawn accordingly answering ever stated queries explicitly laid bare hereinforth found wonderously wondrously still waiting needing proper deference casually kindly fantastically quippy related queries dealt decisively ultimately dynamically returned wholly proper replies finally end enjoying each every possibility so thoughtfully esteemed happily happily stating yes… This is indeed relevant especially humorous amusingness additionally inducing sincerely smiley emojified responses echoing concurring affirmations off yonder heavenward propelled conclusions catering comprehensive completeness rejoicing most summarily concluding ye shall find exactly what asked enabling editorial scrutiny actualized eventually exclaiming vast vociferous victorious Veritable voice vigilantes verily very Vedically vowing valid virtuous viable values verifying voluminous variety very soon vanquishing venal villainous varying vacated vocal voids vouched pure praise presently persecuting pertinently petitioned pavement pathways promptly paying special testament thereto lively thus praised abundantly!

Top 5 Facts about the Ohio State Football Program

1. The Ohio State football program is one of the most successful and respected college football programs in the country, with a record nine National Championship titles, seven Heisman Trophy winners and over 200 All-American players. The Buckeyes have been consistently ranked among the top 5 teams in college football every year since 1985, making them one of the most consistent teams in history.

2. Originally created as a collegiate program in 1890, the Ohio State Football Team has seen many iterations over the years including their current version which was formed when Jim Tressel led his team to victory in 2006. Since then, the Buckeyes have made it to multiple BCS games winning three total national championships under Tressel’s tenure.

3. One of the many distinguishing features about OSU’s Football Program is their use of Hollywood-style entrances prior to home games at “The Shoe”. During these entrances, fans line up on either side of an aisle where student athletes and coaches walk towards the stadium with chest bumps signalling “O-H! I-O!” before entering Neyland Stadium for big game days.

4. Many consider OSU’s iconic “Script Ohio” formation during halftime shows as a golden standard throughout college performances nationwide. This tradition features each musician generating an arrowhead formation while a featured sousaphone player leads downfield while twirling a flag bearing ‘Ohio’ or ‘Script Ohio’ written across it – signifying loyalty and pride for each team that represents its state at home contests and away games alike.

5. With such a storied past full of accomplishment, it should come as no surprise that there exists tons of legacy behind great careers at OSU; this includes having fan favorite athletes like Archie Griffin –winning 2 Heismans– or beloved coach Woody Hayes – who won 13 Big Ten titles during his 28 year tenure from 1951-1978-. After Hayes’ retirement OSU kept achieving unprecedented success to this day given he left imprints that serve as inspiration for all players affiliated to wear red & white stripes every game day on campus.

Closing Thoughts on the Count Down to Kickoff for Ohio State in Football

As summer winds down, football season is upon us! This year’s Ohio State Buckeyes are looking to make some noise in the Big Ten and make a return to the College Football Playoff. With a team of experienced veterans as well as dynamic newcomers, the Buckeyes have the pieces in place to make a statement this year. As we countdown to kickoff for Ohio State, there’s one thing we can all agree on – it will be an exciting season!

The coaching staff looks strong with head coach Ryan Day at the helm. A former offensive coordinator under Urban Meyer, Day brings with him extensive knowledge of how to take advantage of the strengths of his players and build a top-notch offense. His offensive-minded approach promises to cause headaches for opponents throughout the season. On defense, Greg Mattison has returned for task of putting together an elite unit once again this fall. The last two seasons saw Ohio State rank among nation’s best in total defense, and fans can expect more shut down performances from their defensive line this fall.

Speaking of personnel, there are plenty of talented playmakers ready to bear more than their share of responsibility on both sides of the ball this year. Going into new quarterback Justin Fields’ sophomore season surrounded by talent like Finn Cotton and Chris Olave will do wonders for his development this season. This duo proved themselves game changers last year alongside veteran KJ Hill and has continued that trend through camp up until now; meaning teams won’t get any kind wordings when facing off against these wideouts coupled by Master Tee Harmon’s backfield ability.

No matter how good 2019 goes though you can bet that 2020 looms larger than ever in expectations with many current players returning plus top rated recruits vying for open positions; pending any redshirts commandeering offseason scenarios as is every season. Appearantly key departures seem minimal so needless optimism remains entrenched despite which way things go leading up to bowl time next winter or beyond into future years; but until then count down is on – finally going live with explosive anticipation fueled only by gridiron connoisseurs everywhere Go Bucks!

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