Sea Gal Season is Here: Check Out Our 2021 Calendar!

Sea Gal Season is Here: Check Out Our 2021 Calendar! Football Stadiums Arenas

Introduction To The 2021 Seattle Sea Gals Calendar

The 2021 Seattle Sea Gals calendar is here and it promises to be an exciting year! The Seattle Sea Gals are the official cheerleaders of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks, and they’re ready to bring their energy and enthusiasm to new heights throughout 2021. From seasonal photoshoots to special appearances at home games, this team of talented dancers has something to offer everyone.

In this calendar they’ve channeled their excitement of the upcoming season into a beautiful collection of photos that capture their spirit and personality. Each month you’ll find amazing pictures taken on set by industry professionals featuring each member in different locations around town—from stadiums, parks, and beaches to downtown cityscapes. With fun poses and stunning backdrops, these photos feature a side of the Sea Gals rarely seen outside of live gameday performances.

From springtime glamour shots at Kerry Park overlooking downtown Seattle, summer days spent lounging outside CenturyLink Field with a nod towards the iconic stadium’s neon signage “Home Of The 12s” or rehearsing signature moves at Gates Foundation Discovery Center—these ladies have it covered! Additionally, every month also features interesting introtos about each member along with quotes highlighting how much service within their community means to them. In addition to exciting moments captured on camera—Sea Gal veterans Braylee Rice and Emily Millet star on one special shoot for the series where we get a glimpse into a more sentimental scene from kicking up powder alongside the Spirit Lake Descendants group out in Eastern Washington —a powerful tribute that brings awareness to native rights issues in our state. Truly authentic emotion shines through as you flip through each page!

It’s going be truly memorable year for everyone involved – from behind-the-scenes production helping make breathtaking images come alive, themed choreography capturing all types fanfare entertainment that comes withvgame day action —all capped off with cameo debuts that will keep us captivated all year round! So join us grab your copy of 2021 Seattle Ses Gals Calendar today—where you can take part in unraveling story that makes up these sensational 12 months ahead..

How The Sea Gals Showcase Their Talent And Creativity In The 2021 Calendar

The Seattle Sea Gals have been delighting fans with their creative and talented performances since their inception in 1969. This year, they are taking it one step further by showing off their incredible talent and creativity with the 2021 Sea Gals Calendar. It not only features stunning photographs of the Sea Gals in various locations, but also showcases their skills in dance, music, acting, and fashion.

The ladies get to express themselves through a range of fun activities such as learning choreography for cheerleading shows, dressing up in lush costumes for dance routines, and creating captivating storyboards for upcoming themes. They also collaborate with professional photographers who help to capture all the cutting-edge style on display. With each month comes a glossy new look highlighting some of the many daring moves seen at games like split leaps and synchronized cheers that wowed stadium crowds. The calendar brings these talents right into your home or office – perfect for any die-hard Seahawk fan!

Music is at the heart of what every Sea Gal does; whether it’s singing along to pump-up songs before a big game or performing to expertly crafted medleys during halftime shows. Every collaboration shines through on this special calendar so fans can appreciate some of the showstopping moments right along with them.

The much awaited calendar gives you an insider peek at what goes into making each unique performance truly unforgettable thanks to its series of dynamic images that feature only the highest quality control standards throughout production — from start to finish — delivered at an international level of high artistry and presentation capabilities by none other than Steve Gray Photography & Video Productions!

To close out we want to thank everyone who works behind-the-scenes or has supported us over the years – without your dedication none of this would be possible! So make sure you pick up your copy today and relive all the best moments from the last season — Enjoy!

Step By Step Guide To Enjoying The 2021 Seattle Sea Gals Calendar

1. Purchase the 2021 Seattle Sea Gals Calendar: Visit the website of your local Seattle Sea Gals Fan Store or shop to buy the official calendar. You can also shop online through various vendors and have it mailed directly to your door.

2. Hang Up The Calendar: Choose a spot in your home that you will see each day – this could be any wall, shelf, countertop or desk space suitable for displaying the 12-month poster-style calendar. You can add additional decorations or art pieces around it and make it look really special!

3. Live Out Every Month: Each month in the 2021 Seattle Sea Gals calendar features a stunning new photo of several members of the team along with information about that particular game’s stats, records and emerging stars and fan favorites. Make sure you keep up with how your favorite Sea Gal is performing in their sport – whether they’re breaking records or guiding their team to victory!

4. Celebrate The Victories: Let each win by any member of the team be a cause for celebration! Find creative ways to commemorate each accomplishment — better yet, invite some friends over and make a night (or season) out of it using great food, drinks or games and decorations related to that success!

5. Shop With Your Friends: Buy two Seattle Sea Gals calendars – one for yourself and one for a friend! Then head out to shop together for some essentials like matching gear related to that victory photo, limited edition apparel at exclusive events or simply use promo codes offered through various merchants associated with this highly sought after annual publication featuring amazing photos from every arena across town! This is a great way to add more fun into what is already an incredible item full of energy, spirit and cheerleading awesomeness all year long!

6. Go To A Game Together & Cheer On Your Teammates: Nothing beats being there live cheering on The Seattle Sea Gals as they coach their teams all season long towards championship glory — plus, boost morale by taking a group picture outside of each matchup holding the team’s posterized memorabilia featured monthly in the 2021 Seattle Sea Gals Calendar!!

FAQs On Viewing and Purchasing The 2021 Seattle Sea Gals Calendar

Q. Where I can purchase the 2021 Seattle Sea Gals Calendar?

A. You can purchase the 2021 Seattle Sea Gals Calendar online at our official store or in-person at any of our partners. Additionally, you can email us at with any questions or to make a special order!

Q. How much does the calendar cost?

A. The cost of the calendar is $20 and each Additional Calendar purchased will be discounted by $5 per calendar after that.

Q. When will my order arrive once purchased?

A. Orders placed before December 2nd will be shipped within 3 business days and orders placed after December 2nd will be shipped within 5 business days from the time of purchase.

Q: What methods of payment are accepted for purchasing the calendar?

A: We accept all major Credit/Debit Cards and PayPal payments online and if you’re purchasing in-person we accept cash only.

Q: Can I return or exchange an item that I’ve purchased?

A: All sales are final unless there is an issue with quality or wrong item sent out, so please contact us before returning an item if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase!

Top 5 Facts About the 2021 Seattle Sea Gals Calendar

1. The 2021 Seattle Sea Gals calendar is hitting shelves fast and furious as football season draws nearer! This year’s calendar gives us an up close glimpse of all the beauty, athleticism, and glamour that these elite NFL sidelines dancers have to offer. Every year we are presented with a unique peek into the world of excellence from the world-famous Sea Gals line. Here are our top 5 facts about their upcoming 2021 release that you need to know:

2. For the first time ever this season, fans will have access to 2 different versions of the 2021 calendar formats! Whether you prefer digital or print copies, rest assured that you won’t be missing out on any of the fun that comes along with owning a Sea Gals calendar!

3. This edition celebrates some very special milestones for two members of our wonderful Sea Gal troupe! Not only has Sierra had 5 straight years on our calendars but she is being honored for her service in the Navy Reserve – altogether now for 10 long years in defending freedom aboard! Additionally, we have Emily celebrating 11 years with us at Sea Gals representing women who truly strive for excellence in their daily lives – cheers to her hardworking spirit and dedication throughout her dancing career.

4. New Cheer Coordinator, Rachel Pesce takes over from Jen Westburg this season bringing fresh ideas and routines to kick off a new era for Seattle Seahawks spirit squads! We can expect amazing energy, innovative ideas, themed costumes , dancers featured models on magazine covers , and much more through Rachel’s leadership concluding a successful transition !

5. Last but not least , don’t forget to check out selection of awesome bonus images specially included alongside each purchase of a 2021 Sea Gals Calendar ! Holding true to our mission to inspire young athletes around Seattle as well encouraging performing arts programs across Washington state , be sure grab your own piece future success today !

Closing Thoughts On How The Seattle Sea Gals Showcase Their Talent In The 2021 Calendar

The Seattle Sea Gals 2021 Calendar is an excellent way for the team to showcase their talent. The calendar offers some unique and creative shots of the ladies in action, with a variety of poses that show off their athleticism and skill. While we can certainly appreciate the beauty of these gorgeous women, the Sea Gals should also be congratulated on their dedication to hard work and ability to execute difficult stunts in such a compelling manner. Behind every shot lies hours of practice and preparation–each move is intentional, precise and perfectly timed.

Beyond just being able draw attention to the squad’s talent, this calendar also promotes some positive body image messages by featuring a wide range of body types amongst its models. This serves as a reminder that when it comes to beauty, there is no “one size fits all” approach; even at its highest levels, cheerleading requires athletes of all shapes and sizes!

Finally, we need to commend the Seattle Sea Gals for stepping out into the spotlight with such confidence and spirit. By using this calendar as an outlet for showing off their talents, they have set an example for aspiring athletes around the world that anything is possible if you give it 100 percent–regardless of your looks or abilities!

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