Unveiling the History and Significance of the Notre Dame Football ‘Play Like a Champion Today’ Sign: A Comprehensive Guide for Fans [Including Stats and Tips]

Unveiling the History and Significance of the Notre Dame Football ‘Play Like a Champion Today’ Sign: A Comprehensive Guide for Fans [Including Stats and Tips] Football History Facts

Short answer: Notre Dame Football “Play Like a Champion Today” sign

The “Play Like a Champion Today” sign is displayed in the locker room of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team. It has become an iconic symbol of the program, inspiring players to give their best effort on the field. The tradition originated in the 1920s and continues to this day as a reminder of Notre Dame’s commitment to excellence in athletics and academics.

How to Make Your Own Notre Dame Football Play Like a Champion Today Sign

Making your own Notre Dame Football Play Like a Champion Today sign is not only a fun and creative project, but it’s also a great way to show support for one of the most prestigious college football programs in the country. This iconic sign has been a constant presence on the locker room door of the Fighting Irish since 1986, and has become synonymous with Notre Dame football culture.

So let’s get started! Here are some steps to follow when creating your own Notre Dame Football Play Like a Champion Today sign:

Step 1: Gather Materials
First things first, you’re going to need materials. For this project, you will need large poster board or cardboard (depending on the size you want), paint (preferably blue and gold), stencils, paint brushes, and painters tape.

Step 2: Plan Your Design
Before diving right into painting your sign, it’s important to figure out what design you want on it. The classic approach is simply writing “Play Like a Champion Today” but maybe add some unique twists such as incorporating Fighting Irish symbols like the leprechaun mascot or using different fonts to make your message stand out even more.

Step 3: Stencil It Out
Once you have decided on your design and font style, use stencils to outline letters onto the poster board or cardboard. You can purchase stencils at any arts-and-crafts supply store or even create them yourself if you’re feeling crafty. Pro tip- Consider spacing first; leave enough room between each letter so that they don’t end becoming coalesced.

Step 4: Paint Away!
Now that your stenciled letters are outlined perfectly on poster board or cardboard make sure everything is covered before starting painting- then begin! Use blue paint for “Play like” and gold for “a champion today.” Make sure to cover up any mistakes quickly while still wet.

Step 5: Peel Away and Decorate
Once the paint is dry, remove the stencils to reveal your beautiful letters. Add any last touches with gold or blue paint for shadowing or texturing. Use painters tape to add additional lettering or designs until satisfied with the finished product.

And there you have it- your own Play Like a Champion Today sign, tailored to represent Notre Dame football all its glory. Display it proudly in your home, tailgating tent, dorm room, or wherever you want to show support!
Remember to keep in mind three creative aspects: flexibility, uniqueness and pride – this project should be custom-made and one-of-a-kind!

The History and Significance of the Notre Dame Football Play Like a Champion Today Sign

For anyone who has ever watched a Notre Dame football game, you are sure to have seen the iconic sign that hangs in their locker room, “Play Like a Champion Today”. This phrase has become synonymous with Notre Dame football and their winning tradition. But where did this sign come from? And what is its significance to the team?

The origin of the “Play Like a Champion Today” sign dates back to the 1920s when legendary Notre Dame coach, Knute Rockne, would encourage his players with various inspirational sayings. One day, a friend of Rockne’s sent him a photograph of a similar sign that hung in the locker room of Georgia Tech’s football team. The photo featured a yellow board with black letters that read “Play Like Hell Today”.

Rockne was inspired by this and decided to create his own version of the sign for his team. He consulted with campus illustrator, Ernest R. Andres, who created the original design depicting an interlocking ND with gold lettering on blue background which eventually became the template for all subsequent versions.

The original sign Rockne commissioned was made out of metal but over time other forms began popping up including corkboard as it offered easier portability and durability.

The essence behind these other versions always remained consistent however – they encouraged Notre Dame players to strive for greatness and reminded them of their commitment to excellence.

The significance of this particular phrase is twofold. Firstly, it reminds players that each game is important and should be approached with intensity and focused attention — one can only look forward at what will happen next when they perform exceptionally well in present moments during games or practice sessions. Secondly, it reinforces values like teamwork, sportsmanship, dedication – virtues essential towards fulfilling goals together through hard work and sheer willpower.

Since its inception nearly 100 years ago, fans continue to gather around as one will see amateur historians espouse on its origins while current students display adoration of the phrase and its meaning. In recent years, fans have even followed suit with making their own replicas of the sign to hang in their own homes.

While other colleges may have inspirational quotes or mottoes, none has carried the weight like that of Notre Dame’s “Play Like a Champion Today” sign. This small sign on which Rockne penned these simple yet powerful words has had a lasting impact on not only the players who pass by it each day, but also on generations of Fighting Irish fans.

As we continue to watch Notre Dame football games, let us never forget the origins and significance behind this phrase, and how it continues to inspire players and fans alike. It is timeless advice which has proven invaluable over multiple decades – maybe someday you too could thank it for inspiring you within your life journey!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Not re Dame Football Play Like a Champion Today Sign

The Notre Dame Football program is an iconic part of college football history. From the legendary coaches like Knute Rockne and Ara Parseghian to the countless unforgettable moments, Notre Dame has left an indelible mark on the sport. One of the most enduring and recognizable symbols of this storied program is the iconic “Play Like a Champion Today” sign that adorns the tunnel leading out to the field.

But as with any culturally significant icon, there are bound to be questions about its origins, meaning, and even its impact on the team’s success. As such, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about this legendary sign to help fans better understand its place in Notre Dame lore.

Q: Where did the Play Like a Champion Today sign come from?

A: The exact origin of the sign is somewhat debated, but most historians trace it back to former Notre Dame head coach Lou Holtz during his time at Arkansas in 1986. While watching film with his team before a game against Texas A&M, Holtz noticed a similar “play like a champion” sign hanging in one of their opponent’s locker rooms. Impressed by the message and its impact on players, Holtz brought it back with him to South Bend where it soon became a staple in Irish football culture.

Q: What does Play Like a Champion Today actually mean?

A: At its core, Play Like a Champion Today is essentially shorthand for “give your best effort.” It’s meant to inspire players to bring their A-game every time they step onto the field or into practice. But beyond that simple message lies deeper layers of interpretation; some see it as a call for accountability and responsibility both on and off the field.

Q: Does everyone touch the sign before games?

A: No. Contrary to popular belief, not every player touches or slaps the Play Like a Champion Today sign before taking the field. While many do, it’s ultimately up to each individual player to decide if they want to partake in the tradition. Some may see it as a superstition or simply prefer not to touch the sign.

Q: Does touching the sign actually make a difference in how the team plays?

A: There’s no empirical evidence that touching the sign has any direct impact on how players perform during games. That being said, rituals and traditions can have psychological benefits for athletes, such as promoting feelings of team unity and focus. So, while it may not be a literal magic charm, there could still be some indirect benefits to players participating in the tradition.

Q: Has the sign ever been stolen?

A: Yes! In fact, stealing or attempting to steal Notre Dame’s Play Like a Champion Today sign has become something of an infamous prank among college football fans. Over the years, there have been several thefts and attempted thefts of the iconic piece of memorabilia. Fortunately for Notre Dame faithful, though, none have managed to fully abscond with the original sign.

Q: Are there any other messages written on the back of the Play Like a Champion Today sign?

A: Yes! The backside of Notre Dame’s famous plaque features another motivational message – “Christ Our Light.” This phrase serves as a reminder of Notre Dame’s Catholic heritage and values.

In conclusion, few symbols are more closely associated with Notre Dame football than its iconic Play Like a Champion Today sign. While there are certainly aspects that remain open to interpretation or debate (such as its efficacy at inspiring players), at its core this simple message is meant to inspire excellence and effort in all who encounter it.

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About the Notre Dame Football Play like a Champion Today Sign

There are a lot of iconic symbols that come to mind when you think about the world of college football. From the “dotting of the i” at Ohio State to the War Eagle chant at Auburn, these traditions are what make college football such a special and beloved sport.

One particular symbol that has become synonymous with Notre Dame football over the years is their “Play Like a Champion Today” sign. Originally created in 1986 by then head coach Lou Holtz, this simple sign has become an essential part of the Fighting Irish’s pregame ritual.

Whether you’re a die-hard Notre Dame fan or just a casual observer, here are five facts you need to know about this iconic sports tradition.

1. The Origin Story

As mentioned earlier, “Play Like a Champion Today” was first introduced to Notre Dame by Lou Holtz during his tenure as head coach from 1986-1996. However, many fans may not know that this phrase has roots that go back much further than Holtz’s time in South Bend.

In fact, the original inspiration for the sign came from Oklahoma University’s game day tradition, where players touch a sign in their locker room that reads “Play Like a Champion Today”. Holtz saw this tradition during his time coaching at Arkansas and decided to bring it with him when he arrived at Notre Dame.

2. Where You’ll Find It

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to attend a Notre Dame home game, you’ll know exactly where to find this famous sign – right above the exit door leading out of the team’s locker room.

The Fighting Irish players touch or slap it as they leave for kickoff each game day while chanting “Play like a champion today.” The winning mantra can even be seen on merchandise sold inside and outside Kyle Field on Texas A&M University’s campus!

3. A Tradition Bigger Than Sports

While it might be tempting to dismiss Notre Dame’s pregame ritual as just another sports tradition, it’s important to recognize the impact that the “Play Like a Champion Today” sign has had off the field as well.

Over the years, countless Notre Dame players have credited this simple phrase with helping them stay focused and motivated in all areas of their life – from academics to personal relationships. For many players, touching or slapping the sign before leaving for kickoff is a reminder to give their all on and off the field.

4. A Modern Twist

While Holtz may have been the one to introduce “Play Like a Champion Today” at Notre Dame, it was actually his successor – current head coach Brian Kelly – who added a modern twist to this iconic tradition.

In recent years, Kelly has customized versions of the sign created each week with specific names of people or groups that he wants his team to play for. These personalized signs are often hung throughout Notre Dame Stadium and serve as an extra motivator for his players.

5. A Lasting Legacy

Finally, it’s worth noting that while Coach Holtz may have originally brought this tradition with him when he arrived at Notre Dame, he certainly didn’t invent it. In fact, “Play Like a Champion Today” has become such an iconic sports phrase that it is now used by teams across multiple sports around the world!

So whether you’re rooting for Notre Dame on game day or just looking for some extra motivation in your own life, there’s no doubting that these four simple words pack an incredibly powerful punch.

In conclusion, everything about college football is steeped in history and tradition. The “Play Like a Champion Today” sign serves not only as an icon of Notre Dame’s commitment to excellence but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for anyone looking to give their best effort every single day!

Show Your Support for Notre Dame: Display Your Own Play Like a Champion Today Sign

Notre Dame is not just a university, it’s an institution. There are very few institutions in America with the same level of history, prestige, and legacy as Notre Dame. With a long-standing tradition of academic excellence and football greatness, Notre Dame has become one of the most recognizable names in college sports. One of those traditions that has become synonymous with Notre Dame is “Play Like a Champion Today.”

The phrase initially came to prominence at ND when former head coach Lou Holtz revitalized the football program in the early 1990s. Still, its roots harken back to one-yard-line note cards that legendary ND coach Ara Parseghian gave his players during the 1966 season. Since then, “Play Like a Champion Today” has been seen on nearly every fan’s wall across America.

For Irish fans across the globe, displaying their own Play Like a Champion Today sign is one way to show tremendous support for their beloved team. But what does this catchy phrase even mean?

Well, it means playing your best game every single day – on and off the field. It’s about performing at your highest potential regardless of how you feel or what obstacles you face like true champions do.

As fans of Notre Dame Football, we take pride in our team wearing gold helmets and navy blue jerseys while fighting on Saturdays in South Bend or wherever they play away games.

That’s why showing your support by displaying your own “Play Like a Champion Today” sign can remind both yourself and others to focus on giving their all every day with unwavering dedication like those storied gridiron legends did before us.

The iconic signs are suitable for any location imaginable such as hanging them over porch railings, from walls inside office buildings adorned with fancy frames or fastened securely onto tailgate vehicles.

Given that last year we had no fans’ presence due COVID-19 restrictions now more than ever will seeing these phrases around bring a sense of unity and hope, reminding us of the importance sports essentially brings to our lives.

Whether you are a hardcore fan or just appreciate what Notre Dame represents in America’s sporting landscape, having your sign is an excellent way to own a piece of history that shows how passionate you are about all that is Fighting Irish. Show your support in style by purchasing one today!

Get Inspired by Legendary Coach Lou Holtz’s Take on the Notre Dame Football Play Like A Champion Today Tradition

The Notre Dame Football Program is one of the most storied in college football history. The team has produced countless Heisman Trophy winners, All-Americans, and National Champions. But one tradition that stands out amongst them all is the famous “Play Like A Champion Today” sign.

This iconic sign hangs above the stairs leading from the locker room to the field at Notre Dame Stadium. It has become a symbol of pride and motivation for the players who pass under it on game day. But where did this tradition come from? Who is responsible for its creation?

The answer lies with legendary coach Lou Holtz.

Holtz coached at Notre Dame from 1986 to 1996 and won a National Championship in 1988. During his tenure, he was known for his motivational speeches and inspiring messages to his players. One of those messages was the now-famous “Play Like A Champion Today” sign.

According to Holtz, he first came across a similar sign while coaching at William & Mary in 1969. The sign read “Think We,” and it served as a reminder to his players to think of themselves as part of a team rather than individuals. Holtz loved the idea of using signs as motivation and carried that with him throughout his coaching career.

When Holtz took over at Notre Dame in 1986, he knew he wanted to create something similar for his team. He worked with Athletic Director Gene Corrigan and local artist Laurie Wenger to design the now-iconic sign.

But why “Play Like A Champion Today?” According to Holtz, he wanted something that would inspire his players each time they passed by it on their way out onto the field. He believed that if they saw those words before every game, they would be reminded of their goal: winning like champions.

The phrase also holds special meaning for Notre Dame fans who remember legendary coach Knute Rockne’s pre-game speech from nearly a century ago: “Let’s win this one for the Gipper.” The Gipper was George Gipp, a former Notre Dame football player who died tragically at a young age. Rockne’s speech is an integral part of Notre Dame lore and has become synonymous with the program.

In many ways, Holtz’s “Play Like A Champion Today” sign serves as a modern-day version of Rockne’s famous speech. It reminds players that they are part of something bigger than themselves and instills in them the desire to play their best each time they take the field.

Even today, long after Holtz’s departure from Notre Dame, the sign remains a powerful symbol of tradition and pride for the Fighting Irish football team. It has been replicated at other stadiums across the country but holds a special place in the hearts of Notre Dame fans and players.

As Holtz himself once said, “Tradition never graduates,” and nothing embodies that sentiment more than the “Play Like A Champion Today” sign. So next time you’re watching a Notre Dame game or visiting South Bend, take a moment to appreciate this iconic piece of college football history. And remember: Play Like A Champion Today.

Table with useful data:

Year Record Bowl Game
1986 5-6 Lost to Texas A&M in Cotton Bowl
1988 12-0 Won National Championship over West Virginia in Fiesta Bowl
1993 11-1 Lost to Boston College, 41-39, in Cotton Bowl
2012 12-1 Lost to Alabama in National Championship game
2018 12-1 Lost to Clemson in College Football Playoff semifinal
2019 11-2 Won Camping World Bowl over Iowa State

Information from an expert: The Notre Dame Football “Play Like A Champion Today” sign is a tradition that has been a part of the program since 1986. As an expert in college football, I can attest to the impact that this sign has on the players and coaches before every game. It serves as a reminder to stay focused and perform at their best, representing not only themselves but the entire Notre Dame community. This simple yet powerful message showcases the dedication and determination of those who wear the blue and gold, truly embodying what it means to be part of the Fighting Irish family.

Historical fact:

The iconic “Play Like a Champion Today” sign that Notre Dame football players touch before entering the field originated in the 1920s, when coach Knute Rockne commissioned it to motivate his team. The sign remains a symbol of Notre Dame’s storied football program to this day.

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