What is a Redshirt?

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What is a redshirt? A redshirt means your school wants to sit you down for
a year and develop you. It doesn’t mean you’re not good at football. It
doesn’t mean you’re terrible, you’ve got bad grades, it just means that
they want to develop you for a year. That means you’re going to sit down
for a year.

You’ll have to play five years. You’ll get four years, but you’ll be five
years at that school. Most likely you’ll redshirt your freshman year. What
my school did, they redshirted, I believe, all of us incoming freshmen.
They didn’t feel like we weren’t good enough, but they felt like that what
they had on the field already, they could work with that.

Don’t frown upon a redshirt. I didn’t want to be redshirted at first, but I
felt that it helped me out in the long run. I felt that if I’d played right
away, I probably wouldn’t have had the same experience. Don’t frown upon a
redshirt. Take it. Develop it. You’ll get chances to work out more. You
don’t have to travel with the team, so you can stay more focused in

So, yeah. Redshirts can help you, so don’t frown upon it. Be open to what
they want to do. They’ve been in the business for a while, so they usually
know what to do.

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